Conference Information & Schedule

At the Jobs And Community Wealth Conference we will…

  • Hear directly from exciting speakers about cutting edge alternatives for economic development, and go deeper in workshop sessions
  • Have the opportunity to ask leaders in the field of community wealth building pressing questions about the failure of traditional development projects and about the future of our region
  • Connect these lessons to local debates about subjects like the downtown hospital
  • Construct an actionable long-term agenda for upstate
  • Have a front row seat to a one-of-a kind keynote by Jessica Rose, CFO and Director of Employee Ownership Programs at the Democracy Collaborative, with a special introductory address by Ron Deutsch, executive director at the Fiscal Policy Institute

 Jessica Rose, CFO and Director of Employee Ownership Programs at the Democracy Collaborative

  • And an exclusive first look at a report on the failure of traditional economic development and the promise of the new community wealth building model in Upstate New York.

Day 1 | 11/2/17

Desales Center (309 Genesee St. Utica, NY 13501)
7:00-7:10Presentation of research on Community Wealth Building in Utica by Jake Scott and Introduction of Ron Deutsch, executive director at the Fiscal Policy Institute
7:10-7:30Opening Address by Ron Deutsch, discussing the failure of the traditional economic development model, and introduction of Jessica Rose, CFO and Director of Employee Ownership Programs at the Democracy Collaborative
7:30-8:15Keynote by Jessica Rose on what Community Wealth Building is, why it is important, how local stakeholders can promote it, and what her work has been in the field
8:15-8:30Q&A with Jessica Rose, open to all attendees
8:30-8:40Conclusion and Thank You

Day 2 | 11/3/17

Westminster Presbyterian Church (730 Broadway, Utica, NY 13502)
9:00am-9:30amIntroduction by Jake Scott and John Furman
9:35-10:15Public Policy Panel and Q&A discussing the work that policy makers can do to promote community wealth building. Featuring: Ron Deutsch, executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, Professor Carmen Huertas-Noble, founding director of the Community & Economic Development Clinic (CEDC) at CUNY School of Law, and Jennifer Marotto Lutter, executive director of the Partnership for Community Development
10:20-11:00Employee Ownership Panel and Q&A discussing what worker cooperatives and other forms of employee ownership. Featuring Tammy Shapiro, Director of Programs at NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives, Mark Golden, CEO of Golden Paints, Joe Marraffino, program director at Democracy at Work Institute, and Carmen Huertas-Noble
11:05-11:45Alternative Finance Panel and Q&A discussing worker and environment friendly progressive models of finance. Featuring: Peter Schaeffing, President at High Impact Financial Analysis, Cimbria Badenhausen, public banking and financial permaculture expert, Devin Morgan, co-founder of Good People Energy Technologies Inc., and Christina Sauve, Assistant Treasurer & Chief Operations Officer at Cooperative Federal
11:50-12:30Social Enterprises Panel and Q&A discussing what social enterprises and benefit corporations. Featuring Tim Giarrusso, president and CEO of Human Technologies, Peter Schaeffing, and Devin Morgan
1:15-2:15Workshop Period, featuring Tamara Shapiro on worker cooperatives, Mark Golden on Appreciative Inquiry, and Cimbria Badenhausen on Financial Permaculture.
2:20-3:20Community Discussion and Workshop on practical methods for forming worker cooperatives and local businesses in upstate with Krys Cail, consultant on energy and food systems, cooperatives, small business and rural development
3:20-3:30Closing with remarks from John Furman and Jake Scott on what the next steps are, and a thank you to all participants and attendees